Code of Conduct

Prison Labour

We strongly discourage activities that includes any form of manufacturing, whether ‘illegal’ or ‘unauthorized’ or part of a legitimate work program, conducted within the confines of a prison, or by prisoners who have been sent to the manufacturing site, regardless of whether the prisoners are paid for their work.

Slavery And Human Trafficking, Including Forced Labour

We strongly discourage slavery and human trafficking that refers to the recruitment, transportation, transfer, harboring or receipt of persons, by means of the threat or use of force or other forms of coercion, of abduction, of fraud, and deception.

Child Labour

We do not employ children who are less than 15 years old, or less than the age for completing compulsory education in our country.

Statutory Compliance

The company holds valid business registration and all other state required certificates and NOCs and is compliant to national laws in relation with tax, environment etc. and is legally authorized to operate the business.

Repetitive And Systematic Abuse

We strongly condemn the abuse that may be sexual, physical, or mental in nature, and is a part of our management style i.e. it is our part of the day-to-day management of the factory. We never use physical punishment to discipline workers; workers are never locked inside the factory and are able to leave; there is no widespread sexual harassment of workers. Systematic abuse do not include isolated actions, criminal acts, or one person who abuses power; all such cases are remediated by management.


We at VEER Sports conduct out operations and practices in a very transparent and ethical way and we are strongly condemn the activities like double book-keeping or other fraudulent practices.

Working Hours

Factory has planned is workforce that our production targets are met with it. It is our core value to comply with working hour standards applicable to our factory and we do not go beyond this limit. Our ceiling working hour limit is 60 hours per week inclusive of normal working hours and overtime hours. We allow Sunday as a weekly rest day.

Compliance To Minimum Wages

VEER Sports exceeds the minimum wage laws applicable to our factory and is offering its labour a market competitive wage that is higher than the applicable minimum wage law. There is a proper time keeping system that is verifiable. Overtime is paid at twice rate as of the regular working time.

Timely Payment Of Wages

  • VEER pays monthly wages inclusive of all mandated benefits within first seven working days of the month. We consider it as a non-payment of wages if there is a failure to pay workers within this set time limit.
  • We pay wages in full. Partial payment of wages are considered as nonpayment of wages. For the purposes of this standard, Wages includes the following standard items of a worker’s wage package, i.e.:
    • the monthly minimum or basic wage (basic wage may be higher than the local legal minimum wage);
    • All overtime payment due to the worker for the pay period
    • all fixed amounts, for example technical allowance, seniority allowance, meal allowance, night shift allowance, hardship or position allowance
    • any non-fixed amounts, which are calculated based on the productivity or output for that pay period, for example a monthly efficiency or productivity bonus, which is provided, based on the performance/output of the worker’s unit or the individual worker.

Security Policy

  • The management of VEER Sports Pvt. Ltd is committed to ensure  strict security measures to avoid any security threat to its employees, premises, products ,shipments and eventually to the customers and importing countries .Management stands rock solid behind C-TPAT security measures and security department leaves no stone unturned to ensure compliance of  these through following means;
  • Physical Security
  • Access control
  • Personal Security
  • Procedural Security
  • IT System Security

HSE Conditions

  • Our factory building is structurally sound and have no chances of collapse (either partially or completely) causing serious injury or death. We conduct internal and external inspection to eliminate any fire hazard by applying proper control system in place. We have higher than applicable standards to cope with any circumstances, which may cause danger or life threat to anyone in the factory premises.
  • Juvenile and pregnant workers are not placed in hazardous positions that compromise their moral integrity, spiritual, and moral development.
  • Factory conducts evacuation drills at a regular interval to keep our workforce safe during any incident.
  • An effective fire detection system, emergency lights, exit ways is in place