Corporate Social Responsibility

Veer’s overarching aspiration to create significant and sustainable societal value is manifest in its CSR initiatives that embrace the most disadvantaged sections of society, especially in rural areas, through economic empowerment based on grassroots capacity building.

Social Highlights

The average wage of a full-time monthly wage for Operators is 19,500. It is above 15% higher than the applicable wage. 8% of the total workforce is female. We exceed compliance requirement from the state laws in most of the areas.

Social Highlights – Benefits Offered

Social Accountability Policy

Veer Sports (Pvt.) ltd is committed to create a better working environment for its employees by implementing and sustaining social accountability requirements to provide and ensure their basic rights. We believe in educating our workers and supplier / contractors on the policies and procedures to maintain the highest ethical standards. The company is confident to declare that through its intention and efforts, it can motive employees, produce better quality products and create a culture of continuous improvements

Women Empowerment Program In Veer Sports

Veer sports is committed to opt gender responsive role in growing industry preserving the legal rights of women providing equal opportunities for growth and earning. Our aim is to change attitudes and social norms that perpetuate gender-based violence and exploitation of women. We have clearly defined policies which shows our commitment to preserve rights of women workers providing them a safe and secure environment. We have zero tolerance on Sexual Harassment to make a safe and secure environment to work with us. Veer sports expand opportunities for women through training. We are running our different career development programs. We provide women the knowledge and skills to earn regular income and lift themselves and their families out of poverty. In the workplace, we address constraints faced by women workers. By providing skill development opportunities, mentoring, skill enhancement training. Veer Sports foster environment where women can work comfortably and competitive manner. We are having an integrated approach that promotes gender responsiveness across all programs. We have female representations in different committees relevant to different compliances and working representations. We have increased participation of women in leadership and decision-making roles.

Community Initiative

Veer Sports (Pvt.) ltd is committed to provide support to community via different welfare initiatives. Some of those are listed below:
  1. Interest Free Loans for Employees
  2. Welfare on the Marriages of Poor & Needy Girls
  3. Aid for Widows
  4. Company is running its own school where students are getting free of cost education
  5. Scholarship for Students of different institutions
  6. Medical Aid for Poor & Needy People
  7. Sialkot Airport Project
  8. Tsunami Help
  9. Pakistan Earthquake Help
  10. Aid for different institutions (Golf club / Anwaar Club / IMAL)
  11. Sponsorship for Pakistan Hockey Team

Sundas Foundation Medical Camp